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ATV Delivery Services

After renting from us in Valemount, you still need to transport the quads to according trailheads. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer drive-off-the-lot rental services. You can bring your own trailer/quad deck or rent a trailer from us. Available trailer options are listed under ATV Rentals.

We'll meet you there!

If you don't have a vehicle capable of towing a trailer, we can deliver the ATV's to your destination of choice. Our staff will take care of all the transporting, loading and unloading for you! Charges apply depending on the drop-off / pick-up location.

Yellow: $50

Round trip. Includes the town of Valemount up to approximately:
  • NORTH: iRVins RV Park on HWY5
  • SOUTH: Best Western on HWY5

Green: $85

Round trip. Greater Valemount up to approximately:
  • NORTH: Tete-Jaune Cache
  • SOUTH: Canoe Mountain Recreation Area on HWY5

Grey: $125

Round trip. Everything outside up to approximately:
  • WEST: Terracana Ranch & Resort
  • EAST: Mount Robson Provincial Park Boundary
  • SOUTH: Albreda

ATV delivery in valemount BC